Patents and IP

The initial patent that covers the use of compressive heating to sterilize an airstream was developed by Dr. Lordi, Professor Garvey and others at the University at Buffalo; the Company has an exclusive license to this technology.  Additional patents have been issued to the Company to greatly expand the intellectual property protection in key world markets. 

The following U.S. and international patents broadly protect BioBlower technology.  Protection includes compressive heating with catalytic oxidation to eliminate biological and chemical contamination and energy recuperation.

Original patent: Method of Altering a Fluid Borne Contaminant

U. S. patent (7,335,333, 2/28/08)

U. S. patent CIP (8,142,716, 3/27/2012)

Israeli patent (170095,12/23/09)

Israeli patent (197052,10/1/2011)

Canadian patent (2,515,051, 4/5/11)

Expanded patent: Decontamination Methods and Use Thereof

Expands coverage from original patent to include biological contaminants, all compressors, a catalyst to remove chemicals, a heat exchanger for recuperation of energy, and air cycles for cooling.

U.S. patent (7,799,272, 9/21/10)

U.S. Patent (8,840,842, 9/23/2014)

Israeli patent (202134, 11/1/2013)

EU patent (2164528, 7/9/2014, validated in France, Germany and UK)

Canadian patent (2,684,755, 4/14/2015)

The Company has also developed intellectual property related to high effectiveness heat exchangers and catalysts.


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