HEPA other and competitive technologies

No air purification system can match the BioBlower’s cost effective ability to kill all pathogens and eliminate gaseous chemicals and organic particulate matter.  And none offers the consistency, minimal maintenance and freedom from human error.  HEPA cannot remove chemicals and is limited to removing particulates to the 99.97% level.  HEPA is ineffective against some viruses for two important reasons: small viruses can penetrate HEPA and low levels of virus contamination are capable of causing illness. 

HEPA captures and concentrates particles on the filter, but it does not kill them; spent filters are disposed as hazardous waste.  Additionally a HEPA filter system is subject to leaks and requires increasing amounts of energy as the filters fill with age. These problems are avoided with BioBlower technology.  Finally, HEPA add-ons such as UV lights add another level of complexity and cost to HEPA systems without matching the BioBlower’s effectiveness. 


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