Team Members

The Company has an unusually well qualified technical staff experienced in areas critical to the development of our technology.


John (Bob) Ambrusko, Engineer, has over 25 years of experience in project management, engineering, design and equipment fabrication, primarily for RDT&E programs.  Most of his assignments have included computer programing responsibilities in multiple languages and programs and extensive data analysis.  His areas of experience include chemical warfare, heat transfer, rocket propulsion, laser deposition and computer monitoring.


Richard Bergman (MS in Biophysics), Senior Scientist, is an experimental research physicist with experience in the development and use of lasers in the measurement of basic physical properties of gaseous flows, the visualization of aerodynamic flow fields and the detection of trace quantities of nucleotides in aqueous solution. He has designed and fabricated unique optical and radiometric instrumentation for spatial and spectral diagnostics of rocket plumes.  He has held test engineering, project engineering and supervisory positions in support of aerospace research facilities. 


Ronald Drzwiecki (MS in Mechanical Engineering), Senior Engineer, has 45 years of commercial and government R&D and product development experience in mechanical design, heat transfer, incompressible and compressible fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, experimentation, instrumentation, and data acquisition/analysis. His experience includes high energy flow R&D, HVAC, materials, vacuum technology and electrical/electronic controls.  He is the author of 55 technical papers and final reports.


John Lordi, (Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering), CEO, except for two years at M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory, Dr. Lordi spent his entire career at the Calspan Advanced Technology Center (formerly Cornell Aeronautical Lab) as a technical program manager, head of the Physical Sciences Department and the Executive Director of the Calspan-UB Research Center (CUBRC). His technical expertise is in high-temperature gas dynamics, and he has published numerous papers and reports in this area. Since retiring from Calspan, he has been a Research Professor in the department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at the University at Buffalo.


Robert Martin (MS in Environmental Engineering, MBA), COO, served for nearly 25 years as president of Insyte Consulting, a firm specializing in business and technical consulting and equity financing for manufacturing and early stage, high-tech companies. He specializes in corporate strategy.


James Wulf (MS in Mechanical Engineering, MBA), Senior Engineer, has more than 35 years of experience in technical and management positions with global technology companies. The focus of that experience is radial turbines and centrifugal compressors. He is an Adjunct Instructor at the University at Buffalo in thermodynamics, energy systems, HVAC and gas dynamics. He has ten issued process and machinery patents.  


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