Applications and target markets

Defense (DOD and DHS)

Extensively tested by DOD to provide protection from biological warfare agents for the warfighter, homeland security personnel and their support teams.  With an integrated catalyst, it eliminates select chemical agents and environmental and industrial chemicals.  Uses range from small to very large air flows for mobile and fixed-sites.


Health Care

Patient protection in hospital, home or room environments from airborne viruses, bacterial, chemicals and allergens.  Eliminates auto exhaust fumes, ethylene oxide and other chemical and environmental contaminants.



Protects valuable animals from airborne viruses, bacteria, ammonia and organic particles.  Eliminates chemicals and odors emitted from manure treatment facilities. Eliminates biological and select chemical contaminants in food processing facilities. 



Eliminates VOCs and other select airborne chemicals from process streams.



Protects passengers from airborne viruses, bacteria, exhaust gases and unburned fuel for all modes of transportation.  


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