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The Company

Buffalo BioBlower Technologies, LLC was created in 2005 to commercialize the use of compressive heating technology to sterilize air, an invention by Dr. John Lordi and others at the University at Buffalo.  The Company has an exclusive license for this technology and is broadly protected for both biological and chemical decontmination by University at Buffalo and Company patents in the U.S. and key foreign markets.

Product development and testing have been primarily funded by the U.S. Department of Defense under a series of contracts. Since BioBlower technology is scalable, prototypes have been developed for flow rates from tens to 5,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm).  In independent tests by RTI International and others, these prototypes demonstrate a kill effectiveness greater than 99.9999% for all biologic contaminants including hardy spores, bacteria and viruses. By incorporating a catalyst with the BioBlower, chemical and environmental contaminants can also be destroyed.

The company leases its corporate office and engineering facilities at 6100 Donner Road, Lockport, New York.   A New York State Limited Liability Corporation, the management team is Dr. John Lordi and Robert Martin.  


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